Our Advisory DNA enables us to transfer
knowledge and skills

Our mission is to help clients close the strategy-to-execution gap by creating and implementing a winning strategy. With the recognition that learning is a requisite for successful adaptation and that learning organisations facilitate learning of its members and continuously transform themselves, we see our raison d’être to help clients apply learning to the organisation’s most important process, the process of strategy creation and implementation, i.e. Strategic Learning.

To successfully help clients embed Strategic Learning when formulating and implementing their strategies, we guide and support them by:

• Taking a fact based outside-in view of the organisation
• Applying a systems thinking to organisation and leadership
• Transferring knowledge and hands-on skills in the use of strategic learning
• Providing positive force to boost energy, evolution and change
• Applying what science has known for long in pursuit of closing the strategy-to-execution gap

Being a good advisor takes more than having a good advice to offer. Giving advice is a performing art, and not just a science. Giving advice is not an exclusively logical process, it is almost always a “duet” played between the client and the advisor. Hence, the essence of giving advice is the ability to design a process and means of interacting that fits each unique client situation. It is not enough to be technically right. The advisor’s role is to be honestly helpful and help the client take actions “now” for a better position. In many ways, advisory skills are similar to those of great teaching. The advisor must often guide through a reasoning process, usually termed The Socratic Process. Our hallmark is full commitment and standing steady when time gets though.